Inge Mayeres

Inge Mayeres

Senior Researcher, Transport and Mobility Leuven
Inge Mayeres is senior researcher at Transport & Mobility Leuven. She has a PhD in economics (KU Leuven). Previously she worked at VITO (Flemish Institute of Environmental Research) and at the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau. Before that she was a postdoctoral researcher of the Fund of Scientific Research Flanders and did research at the Centre for Economic Studies of the KU Leuven. During her career she has made economic evaluations of various aspects of transport policy. For example she analysed innovative transport pricing systems such as road pricing, the reform of car taxation, the introduction of low emission zones and the use of sustainable aviation fuels. She has expertise in European transport policy. In addition she has expertise in the development of long term transport outlooks and the determinants of the external costs of transport.