Stefan Grüttner

Stefan Grüttner

Head of Mobility , District of Kelheim
Stefan Grüttner has been the head of the Mobility Group in the district of Kelheim since 2018 and, together with a team of 16, has responsibility for developing and introducing new mobility concepts to provide a boost to what is a provincial area. He has been able to use the knowledge he gained within the Deutsche Bahn Group, one of the world's largest transport companies and Europe's largest railway operator and infrastructure owner, to introduce an on-demand ridesharing service in the district of Kelheim over the past 12 months. This service is the basis for the KelRide project and opens up a new field of application for autonomous shuttles beyond the first and last mile. The knowledge gained from the project will serve as a blueprint for other locations and should make autonomous driving an economically attractive alternative over the medium term.