6th-7th July 2021: City Transport & Road Pricing UK


6th-7th July 2021: City Transport & Road Pricing UK

The Virtual City Transport & Road Pricing Conference UK – brought to you by CiTTi Magazine and the RUC Conference 

The Virtual City Transport & Road Pricing Conference UK was the third iteration within our brand-new international series of online events exploring urban transportation and road pricing.  

Taking place on 6-7 July 2021, the conference was split into four key content themes: road pricing/ tolling, congestion management, sustainability and emissions and transportation infrastructure. 

It brought together transportation communities from across the UK via an engaging and simple-to-use virtual conferencing platform that allows participants to network, share content, host one-to-one video meetings and discuss important industry developments. 

The two-day conference saw over 20 expert speakers highlight the latest road pricing and tolling projects, discuss intelligent transport infrastructures and present urban mobility schemes being implemented in major towns and cities across the UK, from Edinburgh and Manchester to Cardiff and Oxford.

There were also be panel discussions focussing on broader themes, including the impact of Covid-19 on transport funding models, implementation of legislation to reduce urban emissions, and promotion of active travel forms. 

Sponsors, speakers and delegates included toll road operators, toll service providers, toll chargers, systems integrators, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, municipal councils, transportation authorities, transit agencies, state and federal government, mobile telecom operators, telematics solutions providers, consultancies, device and equipment suppliers, technology suppliers and mobility service providers.

Day 1: 6th July

Day 2: 7th July 

1: Road Pricing & Tolling     


3: Sustainability & Emissions


2: Congestion Management 


4: Transportation Infrastructure